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OC Reference Sheet: Chetan Dhawan by Terachanglianzylan OC Reference Sheet: Chetan Dhawan by Terachanglianzylan
Woo Chetan's ref featuring one of the rare times he's actually awake.

Name: Chetan (Chay-tun) Dhawan

Alias/Nickname(s): Chet

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthday: September 24

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual [Heteromantic]
Eye Colour:

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5’9”
Occupation: Unemployed  

Place of Residency: Medical School Dorms
  “Yeah, no, no, no, not now…where’s the coffee?”

• Food:
Probably chips
• Drink: Coffee
• Music: Whatever’s on
Most Hated:
• Food:
• Drink: Bad coffee
• Music: Bad music

~Heights (well, falling off of them)

~Doing something very illegal

~Being roped into doing something very stupid that he will never live down

Mother: Shivani Dhawan
Father: Abhinav Dhawan

Sister: Sandhya Dhawan

Howl Avie (his best friend)

Sandhya Dhawan (his sister and secondary best friend that he often argues with)

Karhin Kamhax (his best friend’s kind of boyfriend that he’s pretty ok with)

Karris Kamhax (his best friend’s kind of boyfriend’s sister that’s really cool)


Chetan was born in India, but his family moved to America before his first birthday, right before his sister was born. Early on in his life, he adopted the nickname ‘Chet’ (like the American name) because the white people just couldn’t get his name right. He’s quite a friendly person and made quite a few friends shortly after starting elementary school. But later on, most of his friends were people he met through online gaming and never actually met in person. During high school, he developed unusual sleeping patterns and began his excessive coffee drinking habits.

People figured out that Chetan wanted to be a surgeon after they started dissecting things in his science class in high school. He wouldn’t let anyone else touch the frog and made sure he did it very carefully as to not otherwise harm the frog. He then started looking into medical school. He had been at that school for a year before meeting Howl and reuniting with his sister. And then they were all best friends. A little bit after the second semester started that year, Howl started acting a little squirrely and Chet was a little worried about him. So obviously best friends break into their friend’s dorm in the middle of the night when they’re worried about them. And that’s how Chet met Karris and Karhin. And now they’re all friend.


Fun Fact: Chetan gets really mad when people don’t take the Surgeon Simulator game seriously. 

Chetan belongs to me~

xXIZ-DELXx Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
ohhhh i really like him i think hes one of my favourites already
Terachanglianzylan Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhh yay!! uwu
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